Hi ladies! 🙂 If you don’t already know about my own personal journey, I want to take a minute to tell you why and how I became so passionate about helping women change their life. It began with my own journey, starting out as a girl who knew next to nothing about nutrition or fitness. To be honest, eating healthy and exercising was the last thing I wanted to do and I was happy with the way I looked! Unfortunately, I began experiencing health problems that required me to either change my habits, or allow my health to continue to spiral out of control. I have been in the position of needing to change my habits with very little desire to do so which is why I understand exactly how challenging it is, but it is also why I know just how possible it is to achieve your goals when you put your mind to it. When I started my journey, I began studying and researching what I needed to do (this was three years ago and no guides like FBG were available) and I became so interested in what I was learning because it was so opposite what I had grown up living and knowing. Since my journey did not start due to me being upset with weight gain or body image, I am extremely passionate about helping women learn how to love themselves, from beginning to end. You shouldn’t exercise or eat healthy because you hate your body – you should exercise and eat healthy because you love your body. I am passionate about showing women how to fuel and nourish their bodies to get the results they deserve, and look and FEEL their best. This is what true beauty and true confidence is about – it’s about being healthy, happy, setting goals and achieving them. I can’t wait to help you do just that!



So proud of @tatianna.fbg and all her hard work this last year!! For those of you new to FBG (Fit Body Guides) is my 12 week meal plan and workout programs, but they’re really so much more than that. FBG is about balance, about being strong not skinny, about learning to love yourself through every step of your journey, the good and and the bad. It’s not meant to just be a 12 week program but a new lifestyle so you never have to diet again. It’s about women supporting women, girl power, owning your struggle and becoming a boss in your own life. We don’t diet, we fuel and nourish our bodies. We don’t work out because we hate ourselves but because we love ourselves. And while we know we aren’t perfect, we’re okay with that and simply are trying to be the best we can be. If you need any help on your journey, need guidance or structure and could benefit from a female support system, that’s what myself and the community are here for. The community spreads throughout the whole world, of all ages and backgrounds and that’s what makes us strong – our differences and our commitment to being our best as individuals and as a whole.



1 year with my Fit Body Guides!! ☺ @karfarn.fbg you look AMAZING!! ? For those of you who aren’t familiar with my guides, they’re 12 week guides that give you a step-by-step program to follow for your meals and your workouts. While they’re “12” weeks, they’re intended to help you get in the routine of living a healthy lifestyle far beyond those 12 weeks. ? I don’t want working out to become a chore for you, I want you to love working out because of how great it makes you feel. I don’t want you to force down salads and hate what you eat, I want you to look forward to healthy (and delicious :)) meals because of how great those make you feel, too! My guides are intended to help you get results, yes. But they end up helping you with SO much more than that, if you let them. Allow yourself to love your body and fuel and nourish and challenge your body. You’ll be so surprised and so proud at what you can actually do when you have the right guidance and support (the FBG community ☺?)



Holyyy moly @erb.fbg!! This is some serious 12 week FBG progress! If she can do it, you can too! Not pictured: all the non-physical benefits of fueling your body with the right foods (and portions) and challenging yourself with killer workouts Including but not limited to: improved moods, energy, sleep, confidence, strength, less stress, improved emotional and mental health and more self-love than you’ll know what to do with! You FBG girls are amazing!!



@lgw.fbgjourney just hit her “#AnnaVersary”! ☺ That means she’s been doing my fit body guides for one year! While her progress is amazing  what I’m most proud of her for is not giving up despite a busy school schedule. Some weeks she could only work out 2-3 times and other week she could get in all 6, but ALL weeks she made an effort and made the guides work for her schedule. There is no one size fits all in fitness and my goal for all of you is to find what works best for you and that may look different from one week to the next, and that’s ok! It’s about effort, not perfection



@darci_fbg progress using my guides! ☺️ I don’t want my guides to help give you a different body, I want them to help reveal your best body inside and out. Love YOUR body at every stage, from now through all the ups and downs and still love yourself just the same when you achieve your goals. Because if you keep going, you will ? and it’s not that you deserve to love yourself any more or less at the beginning or once you’ve achieved your goal… you always deserve it. Always.



How amazing is @emily.fbg?! She has been working her little booty off these last 8 weeks!! She told me her journey hasn’t been perfect up to now but look at her – she looks amazing and is getting great progress!! That’s because it’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing your best each day, and on those days you get knocked down, you just get right back up – THAT is how you will succeed!